6 June 2018

IDEC, leader in the design and construction of turnkey projects involving logistics, industrial and service sector premises, is currently working on the construction of France’s largest logistics development with GAZELEY and ARGAN for CONFORAMA in Tournan en Brie (Seine-et-Marne). Eight months after work started on this exceptional operation, we take a look at how work is progressing on this warehouse, which measures almost 200,000 m². In this episode, we focus on the innovative corporate social responsibility measures put in place by IDEC.

Each month, IDEC invites you to dive into work at the building site for France’s largest logistics project currently being built by its teams for CONFORAMA in Tournan en Brie. Eight months after the start of work and with just a few weeks to go before the first units are made available, it is time to take a look at the final stages before the completion of the first phase with its eleven units, the corporate social responsibility measures being put in place and we meet up with Lucille, Work assistant at IDEC working on this project.

Finalisation of the first 63,000 m² phase

With just a few weeks to go before the first phase of this project is made available in this huge operation, IDEC is in charge of the final stages before the first eleven units are completed over an area of more than 63,000 m². The workers are currently busy with the electrical equipment, the installation of fire doors and the painting of the concrete panels. A lot of work is going on too to connect up the sprinkler system required for fire protection with pipes in the wooden framework being connected to the sprinkler units. Meanwhile, the battery charging areas are being completed with coatings going on and an anti-acid resin being applied. The first phase includes no fewer than four. In all eleven will be spread around the 31 units in the warehouse.

A look at the corporate social responsibility measures being put in place by IDEC

From the start of this ambitious project, IDEC encouraged corporate social responsibility measures to be applied by all those involved in the project. Work was done with the public sector, including the town council in Tournan en Brie, the Portes Briardes local authority and local employment bodies to encourage the insertion of unemployed people with certain difficulties into the workplace. IDEC led the way by hiring a works assistant for the project, who came from Tournan en Brie. The firm also encouraged its partners involved in this project to take on five staff in various sectors. Three extra employment contracts are currently being set up. In all, almost 3000 hours of work have been done since the start of the construction of this project last October thanks to these corporate social responsibility measures.

Meeting with Lucille, IDEC’s works assistant for the CONFORAMA project

The special nature of this project required a huge investment in men and women to ensure its success. Here’s what Lucille, IDEC’s works assistant for this operation, told us. She was hired thanks to the corporate social responsibility measures and explains her role in this exceptional project.

“I joined IDEC especially for this operation thanks to the corporate social responsibility measures put in place by our Managing Director. IDEC has given me the opportunity to work on the big project, which gives me a lot of experience each day. My job involves monitoring the arrival and departure of the workers and the various firms involved around the site. This work is made easier thanks to a badge system, which was necessary because of the size of the project. I’m also in charge of administrative checks and preparing the certification documents for the firms involved around the site. My work means I have to work in close collaboration with the foremen and the company’s support teams to monitor the administrative tasks.”

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