A look at how work is going on the extension and reorganisation for TRANSGOURMET in Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin)

3 April 2019

The Building Services unit at IDEC in charge of extension, reorganisation and renovation projects, is working with TRANSGOURMET on the complete overhaul of their site in Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin). This highly technical project has been broken down into five phases and the reorganisation of 4600 m² of building space is well advanced.

A technical project in five phases

TRANSGOURMET, which specialises in the distribution of fresh and frozen products and spices for the catering trade, once again entrusted the IDEC teams with the design and renovation and extension work for its site in Schiltigheim. This technical project, where the work is being carried out in the heart of a building ranked as premises welcoming the public, has been split into five stages. This way of organising things should allow TRANSGOURMET to adapt its business, which will be kept up and running during the work. This involves work on the movement of people and the reception and delivery of goods.

Phases 1 and 2 delivered late last year

The Building Services teams at IDEC have been busy since last year carrying out the first part of the transformation work in this project. In December, two positive temperature cold rooms with a total surface of 1600 m² were created in an existing building and handed over for immediate use.

Phases 3 and 4 ongoing

At the same time, work was carried out on building an extension to a positive temperature cold room and a negative temperature room on a surface of 500 m². The delivery of this third phase is due to take place in April. Meanwhile, the IDEC teams are already supervising the construction of an 800m² negative temperature cold room and the transformation of a positive temperature room into a negative temperature unit (surface of 1000 m²). The final stage will involve building a charging unit, a canopy and a 700 m² pallet storage area.

You too can trust the Building Services team at IDEC with your projects

Like TRANSGOURMET, you too can trust the Building Services team at IDEC with your extension, reorganisation, and renovation projects. This unit made up of experts, designers, building economists, site managers and engineers, can satisfy all of your requirements concerning the reorganisation of your premises. Thanks to their particular way of working, the team promises to respond in a limited time frame to cope with a rapid growth in your business, the need to update to new norms or to carry out a complete renovation of all sorts of business premises.

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