CBM in Le Mans (Sarthe): leg of lamb ceremony and the signature of a maintenance and advanced personalisation contract for a year

29 July 2019

IDEC, leader in the design and construction of turnkey projects involving logistics, industrial and service sector properties, is carrying out a 14,000 m² construction project for CBM in Le Mans (Sarthe72). With a few weeks to go to the handover of the project, IDEC brought together all those involved in the project for a leg of lamb ceremony. We look back at this project, where the personalised interior design work proposed by the IDEC architectural team represents a new step forward in working with its clients.

All of those involved in the project brought together

IDEC once again continued the tradition pf the roast leg of lamb at its building sites by inviting all of those involved in the CBM project. The client, workers and IDEC staff came together for this festive event to celebrate the success of the operation. “It’s a very nice event, as everyone who has worked on the building project comes together,” said Samuel TURBOUST, President of CBM. “This was my first leg of lamb roasted in a tar bath and it was excellent.”

CBM, global leader in spare parts

CBM, a firm specialising in the distribution of spare parts for buses, coaches and trams, entrusted IDEC with the construction of a new site to cope with its development in France and abroad. “This new building will replace our logistics platform and current headquarters, which are just a few hundred metres away,” explained Samuel TURBOUST. “This is a change that is going to revolutionise our business.” The firm today employs 140 people and has eight platforms spread across Europe, North America and Australia which each year deal with more than a million orders.

Support from the design and construction through to maintenance

IDEC worked with CBM from the birth of the project managing the installation ofrom the design stage for these new facilities. The in-house design team came up with a made-to-measure building to satisfy all the requirements of their client. The IDEC building teams then took care of the construction of this building, which covers a total of 14,000 m². After the leg of lamb ceremony, the Maintenance Service at IDEC was awarded the maintenance contract for this building for a year (renewable) from the handover.

Advanced personalisation

What is special about this project is the advanced level of personalisation offered to CBM by IDEC. Thanks to its team of architects, IDEC came up with a bold design for the office interiors using noble materials and particularly attractive textures. This extreme personalisation including the layout of the open spaces and the design of individual pieces of furniture won over Samuel TURBOUST, the President of CBM who can hardly wait to see the final outcome. “A lot of work was done with IDEC’s architects. We’ll see what it looks like in the end, but for now we can see the quality in the finishings. The approach used and their ideas were all very good.”

To be handed over after the holidays

Work which began last December is reaching the end. The whole of the main structure is complete, as are the 12,000 m² of the warehouse, which will deal with the logistics business for this specialist, which has almost 65,000 references in its catalogue. Work is now focusing on the interior design of the office space and staff rooms covering 2000 m², and will be followed by the landscape gardening. Before the final handover after the holidays, Samuel TURBOUST says how pleased he is with the work done by IDEC. “So far, everything has gone smoothly with IDEC.”

Trust IDEC with your property projects

Like CBM, you too can rely on IDEC to design, build and take care of the maintenance of your property projects: logistics, service sector and industrial premises. Its teams of designers and builders will work with you throughout every stage of your project with a turnkey solution guaranteeing a commitment to deadlines, price and quality. From extensions measuring a few hundred square metres to the construction of new projects measuring between 5000 and 200,000 m², IDEC is there to satisfy all your requirements.

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