IDEC has successfully completed France’s largest logistics project

18 June 2019

IDEC, leader in the design and construction of turnkey projects involving logistics, industrial and service sector properties, has just completed the construction of a 200,000 m² warehouse in Tournan-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne) for CONFORAMA. We look back at this exceptional project developed with GAZELEY and ARGAN.

The project to which all the superlatives apply

IDEC, GAZELEY and ARGAN have just handed over the keys to France’s largest logistics platform in Tournan-en-Brie. This project which is now home to CONFORAMA offers figures that are incredibly impressive. Starting with the giant surface area of 200,000 m², or the equivalent of 31 football pitches. Then there are the 110 kilometers of beams from sustainable forests, 500 km of cables and 115 km of pipes. Looking at the celebrations, 450 people got together for the traditional leg of lamb roasted in a tar bath in honour of all those who were involved in the project.

Committed to social responsibility

Much more than just a bunch of numbers, this project involved a lot of men and women. Thanks to the social responsibility procedures they applied, IDEC and their partners set up innovative solutions to encourage the hiring of local people who were in difficulty. In close collaboration with the town hall in Tournan-en-Brie, the Job Centre and partner firms, IDEC enabled 11 people to be hired on this exceptional building site, or more than 7000 man hours. This success encourages IDEC to repeat these methods during its other projects.

A sustainable approach

In spite of its size, this 200,000 m² project was designed from the outset to adopt a sustainable approach. From its design, the warehouse was planned to be well integrated into the environment with various landscaping techniques. The construction used a reasoned approach both in terms of the choice of materials and waste recycling. Now it is up and running, the warehouse will limit its environmental impact with low energy consumption and a pleasant work place for the future occupants. Thanks to these efforts, IDEC is aiming for Excellent level BREEAM certification, which will be a first for a building of this size and comes in addition to the 1.5 million m² already built  for its clients.

An operation entirely managed using BI

The construction of this logistics platform was entirely managed using BIM by IDEC’s in-house team. From the initial consultations with contractors, the digital model was used as a shared tool for the numbers and design of the different aspects. This model was also used by the site managers and engineers from IDEC to monitor the work and manage stocks. Finally, this tool will also enable the new occupant to optimise maintenance as he has access to all the important data in one place. More than 650,000 objects (doors, electrical equipment, …) were included with technical info and data for their maintenance and in case of breakdown.

Built in record time

The IDEC teams successfully carried out this construction project in just 12 months (18 months with 6 months of poor weather). Thanks to their hard work throughout and in spite of some tricky weather conditions, the warehouse with its 31 units were delivered to schedule. The building work was carried out applying safety and environmental quality procedures launched by IDEC with a lot of measures to reduce accidents in the work place. A partnership with the OPPBTP, the reference organisation for the prevention of risks on building sites, was also set up to improve safety and offer high quality work.

Trust IDEC with your property projects

You too can rely on IDEC to design, build and take care of the maintenance of your property projects: logistics, service sector and industrial premises. Its teams of designers and builders will work with you throughout every stage of your project with a turnkey solution guaranteeing a commitment to deadlines, price and quality. From extensions measuring a few hundred square metres to the construction of new projects measuring between 5000 and 200,000 m², IDEC is there to satisfy all your requirements.

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