9 October 2018

IDEC, leader in the design and construction of turnkey projects, has just started work  on a new project for TRANSGOURMET in Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin). This highly technical project run by the building work, services and survey unit (TSE), is for an extension and the reorganisation of 4600 m² on an existing site that will be kept running. The construction work will be done in five phases and will last fourteen months.

A highly technical project in five phases

TRANSGOURMET, which specialises in the distribution of chilled and frozen products and spices for those in the catering sector, has once again entrusted the teams at IDEC with the design and reorganisation and extension of their site in Schiltigheim. This highly technical project involving work in the heart of a building which is open to the public, will take place in five phases. The organisation of this work will aim to fit in with TRANSGOURMET’s business, which will continue during the building work. This will also entail working on public access and movement and the reception and delivery of goods.

4600 m² of storage

Work on this new project is due to begin in the next few days and in all should last around fourteen months. The work to be done by IDEC will focus on the transformation and construction of 4600 m² of premises in all. 1400 m² of freezer space and chilled loading bays with 400 m² of loading facilities and services will be created. 2800 m² of chilled and cold storage will be renovated.

Another operation for the building work, services and survey unit

This huge project awarded to IDEC’s building work, services and survey unit (TSE) marks another stage in its development. This unit comprising of experts, draughtsmen, building economists, works engineers and managers, is able to respond to all its clients’ requirements in terms of reorganising facilities. Thanks to its special organisation, the TSE team promises to respond within tight deadlines to deal with a rapid growth in business, updating to norms or renovating all sorts of business premises.

Illustration of the synergy within IDEC to be able to serve its clients

The start of work on this project coincides with the handover by IDEC last summer of a 23,200 m² multi-temperature warehouse in Saint-Loubès (Gironde), once again for TRANSGOURMET. As soon as the keys were handed over, IDEC convinced their client to entrust their maintenance unit (after-sales maintenance and upkeep) with looking after the building. This close relationship drawn up with TRANSGOURMET once again illustrates the popularity of the global offer available to its clients. IDEC is indeed able to work alongside clients on the design and construction of new buildings using BIM, with measures put in place to deal with health and safety and environmental measures, before taking care of the maintenance of the building or the erection of an extension or the updating to new norms and the reorganisation of an existing site.

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